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        Cologne, 21.–24.02.2021 #IEM2021

        EN Element 13300 Element 12300 DE

        Exhibitor checklist

        The checklist will be updated very soon.

        We want to make sure that your participation as an exhibitor at INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is stress free. In addition we want to and make it easier for you to prepare for the trade fair. The following check list will provide you with an overview of all the things that you should consider and it includes important deadlines. This way, you will have all the important dates at a glance.

        • You can sort all of your important dates according to date, priority and category
        • You can find the right contact person to answer your questions with one click
        • You can import the most important dates directly into your calendar software (e.g. Outlook) using iCalendar
        • You can use the calendar to display important dates starting from a particular point in time