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        Cologne, 21.–24.02.2021 #IEM2021

        EN Element 13300 Element 12300 DE

        Radio Service

        The Deutsche H?rfunk Dienst (DHD) offers all radio broadcasters broadcast-ready radio material for reporting for download (MP3, 128 Kb). In addition to complete reports (between 1:30 and 4:00 min.) further audio material such as news items, original sound, surveys, moderation with original sound, discussions with colleagues, and report templates are also produced for editorial use.

        The initial audio material can be used for advance reporting prior to the start of the event. Further reports are added starting on the first day of the trade fair.

        As long as sufficient capacity is available, individual reports can also be produced on editorial request. If you require this, get in touch with our contact partner at DHD in good time.

        Up-to-date audio reports (Int. Hardware Fair 2018)


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